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Covid-19 defies international trade

Experts point to “disappointing” results in exports due to the pandemic, but believe that the sector will return to normal with the discovery of a vaccine.

PremiumConditional vaccine permits in December

European Medicines Agency foresees news before the end of the year. European Council has not progressed in the dispute with Hungary and Poland.

PremiumUnited employers' front presents complaints about OE2021 to Costa today

The Prime Minister receives this Friday the employers' confederations that will jointly expose criticisms of the State Budget for 2021 (OE2021), but also to the decision-making process of the measures to support the economy, considering that there has been a “lessening” of the role of the Concertração Socia, the Jornal Económico knows.

PremiumGovernment wants to halt budgetary impact of negative coalitions

Socialists are scrutinizing proposed amendments to halt understandings among other parties with significant budgetary impact.

Minute by minute: Debate and vote on OE 2021 specialty starts in Parliament

Today begins the debate in Parliament and the start of voting on the proposals. The final global vote for OE 2021 will take place on 26 November.

PremiumEuropean Economic Commissioner: “Portugal is much stronger than in the previous crisis”

European Economy Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni warns of the consequences of withdrawing support measures too soon and encourages countries to use the loans provided for in the Recovery Plan.
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