António Freitas de Sousa

Covid-19 defies international trade

Experts point to “disappointing” results in exports due to the pandemic, but believe that the sector will return to normal with the discovery of a vaccine.

PremiumTrump confirms he does not give up victory

His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, together with other team members, held a press conference that will go down in history.

Negotiations between Israel and Lebanon slip

Negotiations have to do with the maritime borders between the two countries and are taking place to allow the exploitation of natural resources - important for the recovery of the Lebanese economy. But the mileage does not match.

Joe Biden turns 78 today. Will be the oldest president in US history

The 'waiting' president of the United States turns 78 today - the day after he watched with shame, he said, to the avatars that Donald Trump's team continues to produce to prevent the election from closing.

Wall Street closes joint on bad news day

The day was marked by bad news on the home front: more unemployed and a more difficult economic recovery are on the horizon of Americans. But, after a bad start, the market recovered.

Jordan opens consulate in Western Sahara

Jordan's decision mirrors the Arab states' support for the Moroccan monarchy in the decades-long dispute over Western Sahara. Only Algeria, among the major Muslim countries, is on the side of the Polisario Front.
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