António Freitas de Sousa

Russia: Putin goes to the polls today

The referendum on constitutional changes that will eternalize Vladimir Putin in the leadership of the federation is taking place today. There is nothing to indicate that the will of the man who has led the country for two decades has not been done.

Venezuela: Maduro expels EU ambassador

The regime's decision aims to respond to the imposition of sanctions by the Union against Venezuelans who participated in Maduro's 'coup' in the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition since 2015.

Minsk group tries to increase certainty of peace in Armenia

It is another region where armed conflicts have existed lately for decades. Russia, one of the stakeholders, tries to keep open channels that interest the international community in the problem.

STCP increases losses by 74% to 3,2 million

Revenues followed a growth path, standing at 49,5 million euros in 2019, representing an increase of 3,4% compared to 2018 - a growth trend that is verified “for the fourth consecutive year”.

Europe considers Polish presidential candidates biased

The OSCE accuses state media of a strong tendency to support the re-running president - who has repeatedly taken on a xenophobic, homophobic and anti-Semitic speech. Nothing new, therefore.

Israel: New annexations endanger the new government

After the enormous difficulties in reaching an agreement, Netanyahu and Gantz do not seem to understand each other about the new annexations, scheduled for starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, part of the international community, including the EU, is asking Netanyahu to stop.
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