António Maló de Abreu, Deputy, PSD Coordinator at the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Portuguese Communities

The state this reached

Where is the prime minister going, when the government did not regulate compensation for SNS workers involved in fighting the pandemic, as the law required him to do until a month ago?

A European priority

More than XNUMX billion people live in Africa and there is the youngest and fastest growing middle class in the world. And it is these, young people, who have in their hands the ability to transform the political, economic and social perspectives of their own continent.

The rare jewel of Africa

Portugal should have eyes to see for this giant aircraft carrier stationed in the Gulf of Guinea: São Tomé and Príncipe. Some call this a strategic view.

Beirut, my love

In cases such as the accident in the port area in Beirut, European and international cooperation saves lives and also reinforces the call for global peace and in this particularly sensitive region.

The Lord Consul

Aristides de Sousa Mendes was a Diplomat and a just and good man who broke the rules, saving lives from a tragic end, in one of the worst scenarios in history.

A boat at the pier

In view of the increasing number of countries that bar us from entering, there are questions that must be asked repeatedly and that require transparent explanations.
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