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Credit Suisse recommends investing in technologies that enable life at a distance in 2021

The Swiss bank released the investment outlook for next year and anticipates that the shares will be the asset class with the best returns, especially securities of companies that develop telework, telescope, telemedicine and e-commerce technology.

Mário Ferreira warns: “If it continues and real damage to the Media Capital brand is quantified, we will have to be compensated”

In a press conference, the chairman of Media Capital admitted that the group has been under pressure and that ERC's deliberation could jeopardize the future of the project. Owner of TVI wants a quick solution.

"Portugal has already lost 108 thousand jobs and there are companies that have not yet received support", warns António Saraiva

António Saraiva, president of CIP, considers that “some delay” by the Government in launching measures to support the economy has helped to destroy more than one hundred thousand jobs since the beginning of the year.

OE2021 is “so little due to the policies of the last few years”, warns director of the Studies Office of the Forum for Competitiveness

Pedro Braz Teixeira explains that the State Budget for 2021 is expansionary because the stagnation of the economy, the decrease in public investment and the little preparation for a cyclical recession have taken the Government room to do more.

Top of the agenda: what will mark the news this Tuesday

New measures that regulate the State of Emergency come into force this Tuesday until the 8th of December.

AstraZeneca vaccine and Joe Biden's office enliven Wall Street

The market understands the appointment of former Fed chairman Janet Yellen as US Treasury Secretary of State as the possibility of further economic stimulus being announced.
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