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Auditing and auditing are undergoing numerous challenges in this new context in which we live created by Covid-19.

What are the main consulting challenges for 2020?

Baker Tilly has 10 years in Portugal. The market is constantly changing, in which our customers are increasingly looking to simplify processes.

VAT change - Quick Fixes

A significant part of the taxes that are estimated not to be levied in the European Union, around 50 billion euros annually, are due to VAT values ​​(VAT Gap - which corresponds to the difference between the expected value and the amount actually charged ).

Tax impact of changes made to the Research Fellow's Statute

On the 28th of August, Decree-Law No. 123/2019 was enacted, which, with the main purpose of strengthening the conditions of scientific employment in Portugal, proceeds to structural changes to the Research Fellowship Statute - Law no. 30/2004, of August 18.

How to overcome challenges in an accountant's performance?

One of the most pertinent questions that arises today is: what are the biggest challenges in the professional performance of an accountant and how to overcome them in the most appropriate way?
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