Bernardo Silva Câncio, Economist, BiG - Global Investment Bank

How to pay all this debt, a pre-medieval perspective

What allows Portugal to finance at a utopian cost is a heterodoxy in monetary policy, which was confidently reinforced with the arrival of the pandemic.

The almost perfect storm for city real estate

The COVID-19 pandemic will affect the housing market in several dimensions. Two of them are obvious to everyone: the evaporation of tourism and the economic recession. But there are other, less obvious and more structural dimensions to take into account, which are more important.

The restless stock market recovery, and why it can continue

The world is implementing the largest and most unorthodox economic experience of modern times, which is not without risks in the long run.

Uma crise estranha…

There is increasing evidence that the crisis caused by this pandemic may not be as deep as some feared, or as some economic indicators still suggest.

COVID-19, Buffet and Tesla

Although the stock market is usually the one that attracts the most attention in these moments of uncertainty, it is for the credit market that we should look in the coming days / weeks.

Expensive is the new normal, version 2020

Oddly enough, at least in public markets, the feeling of most investors does not seem to be euphoria / greed but rather fear / precaution.
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