Bianca Marques

Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo: “Schools? Public health issues will not be resolved in 15 days, for sure ”

In an interview with JE TV, Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo, executive director of AEEP - Association of Private and Cooperative Education Establishments, talks about the perspective of private individuals regarding this teaching stop decreed by the Government. This official believes that within 15 days, the teaching activities will begin in a non-face-to-face manner.
Tiago Mayan

Tiago Mayan: “Marcelo risks ending his term as president of the poorest country in the EU”

In his farewell to the electoral campaign, Tiago Mayan considered that: “In the eyes of many we were the great surprise of these elections”. The candidate claims to be increasingly sure that on Sunday the success of his campaign will be reflected in the polls.
Debate na RTP entre candidatos presidenciais

From Marisa Matias to Ana Gomes. Phrases that marked the election campaign towards Belém

A lot was said by the candidates during the election campaign for the presidential candidates. Remember the phrases that marked the race to Belém.

Presidential elections: More public transport for Portuguese to vote

National Elections Commission considers “exceptional situations in which, in particular, there are considerable distances between the residence of voters and the place where they must exercise their right to vote, without the existence of means of transport that ensure minimum conditions of accessibility”.

“André Ventura is the president of the Portuguese for good”. Matteo Salvini expresses support for the Chega leader

The Italian politician known for being far-right, in his message, asks Portugal to “choose the President of the Republic well in the name of honesty”.

Fauci says Joe Biden lets “science speak” as opposed to Trump

"The idea that I can come here and talk about what science is, is a liberating feeling," said Anthony Fauci.
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