Carlos Branco, Major General and Researcher at IPRI-NOVA

Will the world be safer with Biden President?

Biden proposes a return to the past, in which America intended to be everywhere and solve all the problems in the world, as if the global balance of forces was the same as the end of the Cold War.

Relations between the EU, the USA and China

While the US cannot stand the fact that China has become a great power, "Europe can live with that". Never has the dialogue between Brussels and Beijing been as intense as this year.

The Armed Forces and gender equality

I am an uncompromising defender of the presence of women in the armed forces and the safeguarding of their rights. Gender equality happens when you don't think about gender. That was where the FA went, before the current controversies.

The Nagorno-Karabakh puzzle

The impotence of international mediation and the ineptitude to find solutions are striking. In almost three decades of existence, the Minsk Group has been unable to devise a consistent peace strategy.

No more poetry

Military unionism is properly consolidated, and it is not even questioned, in advanced democracies, that Portugal is at a great distance.

Greeks will see themselves “Greeks”

It is important to understand how sympathetic the EU will be to Greece and Cyprus, how it will behave in the moment of truth. We are facing yet another test of the Union and its regulations.
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