Chris Sainty, UK Ambassador to Portugal


Through participation in the Web Summit, we want to strengthen the UK's leadership in combating climate change. We have, like Portugal, ambitious environmental goals.

The month of black history

Diversified perspectives help companies to challenge the status quo, understand the dynamics of markets and innovate. Diversity and inclusion lead to stronger societies.

The UK and advances in science

The use of “culturally competent” robots in nursing homes can improve the mental health of the elderly and reduce loneliness, concluded a study led by British universities.

A green recovery for a better future

The United Kingdom is working to maximize the potential of its financial systems in order to promote growth, create “green” jobs and finance essential projects.

Collaboration in science is vital for the future

I hope that we can emerge stronger and more aware of the importance of international scientific collaboration in the formulation of public policies.

The sustainability of our relationship with nature

The United Kingdom and Portugal are strongly committed to the 30 by 30 objective, that is, to achieve that 30% of the ocean is protected by 2030.
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