Daniela Silva, PhD student at the Institute for Political Studies at the Portuguese Catholic University

Teaching that does not satisfy

At each transition of the year, ambitious personal resolutions are renewed, focused on changing what does not satisfy us. It would also be good to apply some ambition to the necessary change in our education system, which is far from satisfactory.

House divided against itself

We live in a society so confident of the potential peacemaker of Western values ​​and institutions that macabre violence in the home environment is particularly abhorrent to us. But what seeds persist in the origin of this evil?

The era of North American polarization

Let us not be deceived by eloquent praise for concord in the political debate. Consensus is usually based on repression, self-censorship or civic apathy.

Pitfalls of Unconditional Basic Income

The first argument in favor of the RBI is that of its financial unsustainability, since its implementation would imply a drastic increase in taxes indefinitely.

Thinking of the family in times of pandemic and always

Has the family learned to act as an interdependent body that takes care of their individual actions to ensure collective well-being?