Diogo Horta Osório, Member of the Board of Directors of the EIP group

A bad deal is better than a non-deal

Yes, rather a bad deal. But come commitments, conditions, structural reforms and external and independent monitoring of European funds.

TAP - Take Another Plan

I have no doubt about TAP being a strategic company (even though the State, or Dr. Costa e Silva, has not yet defined the strategic sectors to support!). Nor does it interest me, for this analysis, that the financial performance of TAP was already deficient before the health crisis.

Republican ethics

I would say that the law does not apply only to that individual, nor to a former finance minister, but to all members of the government and consultants who have worked for Banco de Portugal.

Post-pandemic mergers and acquisitions

It is important to facilitate the exit from the very serious economic crisis in which we live and not to create formal and impeding obstacles to concentration operations.

Future foreign investment

There is an urgent need to rethink the intervention strategy in the economy and companies and to maintain decision-making centers in Portugal, to reindustrialize the economy and to create financial and fiscal incentives.

Make solvent what is insolvent

Personal insolvency should not be a stigma, but, as is often seen in the United States, a mere losing battle in an entrepreneurial war.
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