Diogo Horta Osório, Member of the Board of Directors of the EIP group

The recovery in K

In Portugal, the recovery in K means that private sector workers, forgotten by this budget, will be at the top of the K.

The irritatingly optimistic budget

I have serious doubts that this revenue will result when the country's largest export sector is in a coma, tourism, the economy across the board does not show signs of life and consumption understandably does not induce growth in supply.

We want more roundabouts!

After announcing the replacement of public service earnings, the prime minister renounces loans to prevent an increase in public debt. It is nonsense.

Proportionality and progressivity

I defend a mixed system of taxation based on IRS: proportionality with traces of progressivity. We will end the poor and increase the rich, read the working middle class.

The state we are in

There is an urgent need to stop public spending, promote Portuguese products to the detriment of foreigners, reducing the balance of goods, relieving the tax burden and supporting Portuguese companies.

The hydro geniuses

I wanted our leaders to try to divert European funds to finance our economy, companies that produce tradable goods and projects that would allow us to export our green energy.
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