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LG enters the solar energy market in Portugal

The company's solution has “photovoltaic modules, an energy storage system and an air-water heat pump”.

Technological creates platform to measure temperature and detect mask with a camera

For the commercialization of this system, the Portuguese company Quantico Solutions has the help of partner Beltrão Coelho.

IFA 2020 will take place but without public

The most important technology fair in Europe will take place, in person, but limited to 1000 daily guests. It will be an exclusive fair for the press and professionals, that is, it will not be open to the public.

All Volvo cars are now limited to 180 km / h

As a way to combat the high accident rate on the roads, Volvo is applying a maximum speed limit of 180 km / h, as well as providing the Volvo Care Key, with limits for drivers with little experience.

Zwypit promises to replace physical menus with a digital menu on customers' smartphones

The company aims to be the ideal platform for creating digital menus for participating restaurants, which are resuming their activity.

Office: Fluid components will allow you to edit shared content, regardless of the application you are using

Microsoft wants to take collaborative work to the next level with the new Fluid components that will be integrated into Office.
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