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How to use the Windows 10 “Calendar” application to organize your life

Windows 10 has a complete and versatile calendar application. See how to configure and use it.

There is a virtual Winamp skin museum

This museum brings together thousands of skins for the music program.

Huawei launches another edition of training program in Portugal

“This year, as a result of the circumstances, the program adopted a digital format, so that the context we live in would not prevent Portuguese students from having access to an enriching experience that brings them closer to the reality of companies,” explains the company.

Samsung to maintain leadership in global smartphone sales in 2020

The limitations imposed by the US authorities on Huawei will allow Samsung to maintain its leadership in the smartphone market in 2020, but Apple, Xiaomi, VIVO and Oppo will also be able to take advantage of the situation.

Salesforce opens office in Portugal

Fernando Braz will lead the operation and will be responsible for recruiting a team dedicated to the national market.

Microsoft recovers data center from the Scottish Sea

Two years later, Microsoft recovered the data center that sank off Scotland.
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