Economy Wood with DECO

Know what care you have to take on the day that the Day of the Region is celebrated

Keeping safe is still a priority even on this festive date. If all consumers do their part, the Madeirans will remain safe.

The gyms are reopening. Ask here any doubts for this return

Before returning to the gym, contact and ask for information about the new mode of operation and about the changes verified. Subsequently request receipt of this information in writing, for example, by email.

What you should know when traveling to food and beverage establishments

Employees will be wearing a protective mask and are instructed to wash their hands frequently with soap and water.

Did you have an organized trip that was canceled? Find out here what you have to do

Travelers who are unemployed can immediately request a refund of the entire amount spent up to September 30, 2020.

Ask questions about air transport in pandemic time here

In case of cancellation, the passenger must be able to choose between refunding the ticket value within seven days and re-routing, which, under the current circumstances, may be very limited or even unenforceable.

Find out how to follow the most ecological and sustainable clothing fashion

We can use the purchased clothes for longer or donate them when we don’t wear them at all, or simply create trends that continue over time, that don’t go out of fashion so quickly.
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