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Find out what commissions you have to pay on home loans

The commissions must appear on the FINE - European Standardized Information Sheet. This must be delivered to the consumer whenever a credit simulation is made. We advise all consumers to review this form before taking out the credit.

Have you taken out a mortgage loan? Do you know what the APR is?

As with other credit products, the provision of mortgage loans comprises a portion of capital amortization and a portion for credit charges, namely the payment of interest. In contracting this credit, in addition to the spread, the consumer must negotiate with the bank the fixed or variable rate modality.

What you should know about taking out a home loan

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments of Portuguese families. That is why it is essential to inform carefully about the financing conditions (spread, process fees, penalty for early repayment, etc.).

Discover the advantages of a hydrogen car

The set of cells installed in series in the car adds the hydrogen present in the vehicle's supply tank to the oxygen taken from the outside environment. This junction produces a reaction that is used to generate electrical energy. It is this energy generated through the reaction that powers the electric motor and charges the car's battery.

Discover the benefits of 5G

Compared to the previous ones, this new generation has a higher speed and a higher capacity, which allows consumers a faster access to different virtual contents.

Find out what VAT rates are applied to electricity

Since the first day of December 2020, electricity for domestic consumption has had three VAT rates, which apply depending on the contracted power and by consumption levels.
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