Economy Wood with DECO

On September 30, exceptional and temporary rights for essential services end

For all invoices that are in arrears since March 13, the consumer will be able to request a payment plan in monthly installments, without interest, which can start only in the month of November.

Do you already know the DECO training program? Learn more about DECO FORMA

The training activity developed by DECO is provided by specialists with extensive professional and pedagogical experience in the field of Consumer Rights.

DECO holds workshops to inform consumers and reduce risk behaviors

These initiatives are usually held on commemorative dates that are part of a consumption issue, but any theme can be developed with the aim of reinforcing the activities developed by the entity, such as an autarchy, which asks DECO to hold an informational workshop. .

Do you have a fireplace or stove? Chimney cleaning is essential so that you can light it safely in winter

Before the coldest period, periodic cleaning must be carried out, eliminating the creosote substance, as well as other debris that may accumulate in the chimneys, must be carried out by specialized companies. They must issue a certificate that avoids the liability of the homeowners.

Discover DECOJovem programs for this school year

With adaptation to digital, information sessions, our Consumer.Talks, will remain at the disposal of the educational community, seeking to discuss the topics of greatest interest to young consumers.

Did you order your child's textbooks online, but haven't received them yet? Know what to do

Start by finding out the reasons for the delay in delivering the manuals. If the non-compliance is due to the unavailability of the books, the merchant must inform you of that circumstance.
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