Edmundo Alves, IHC / UNL Researcher

The taking of the Capitol

Republicans must consider whether they want to continue to be a large party that is faithful to the constitutional consensus and the matrix values ​​that the US boasts or, on the contrary, to yield to the pressures of its radical factions.

In the 40 years of Camarate

Francisco Sá Carneiro and Adelino Amaro da Costa rendered a relevant service in the defense of pluralist democracy, both in 75 and in the early years of the new regime.

Casado's courage

The PP took a difficult position, because it risks being isolated and less likely to ascend to the government, but with great courage, by refusing to traffic principles by votes.

The candidates

Portuguese democracy remains in good health and is recommended. This is evidenced by the candidacies for the presidential elections and their different purposes.

Kings also make mistakes

D. Juan Carlos was not sensitive to the intensification of the scrutiny of public office holders, having failed to understand that times have changed and that the demands for transparency - as is now abundantly said - have become more stringent - in certain cases, even excessive -, making certain behaviors unacceptable that a few decades ago would not cause much stir.

The awakening of the “dragon”

Suddenly, the rulers of the free world seem to have realized that China is not only untrustworthy, it has never ceased to be an opponent of democracies.
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