Eduardo Teixeira, Economist and Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic

Save tourism

Projecting the post-crisis period and economic recovery, in which tourism is just one example, is crucial for our collective future. And Europe's support will be very important.

The Budget Portugal Needs

This is, without any room for hesitation, the most risky OE ever, without great rationality, without financial security and with a lot of unnecessary expense.

Export and capture

To become strong and competitive, the national economy needs financing, which should not mean more indebtedness, and the urgent creation of business capitalization mechanisms.

Budget smoke cloud

So much theatricality on the left, with announcements of political crisis, does not reassure or strengthen people's confidence in political activity beyond the result of the Budget vote.

National resilience

Companies do not need more debt. They need capital to survive and be able to restructure and invest, maintaining jobs and wage retribution with appreciation.

What is national is good…, but what about the plan?

In a context of families returning to possible routines, jobs and teaching activities, in a huge collective effort to overcome them, statistics emerged for all activities in the Tourism sector in July
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