Eduardo Teixeira, Economist and Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic

New ways

Still far from the end of this pandemic, and in the midst of a financial crisis, the Government's margin to support the recovery of the economy and families is much smaller than desired.

Explosive deficit

The state, with these 45 billion euros, will have to prepare the future of the next generations with vision and strategy, injecting money into the economy.

The opportunity not to be missed

Much wisdom, rigor and discretion are required in the application of European money, as it is a decisive support to combat the social and economic crisis that the pandemic has caused.

Nationalize, if fashion catches

Is it not just ideological, the generalized political debate about nationalizations and privatized companies? With the end of the year at the door, the doubts are legitimate.

Combating forced labor in a pandemic

Last March, a recommendation to the Government to adhere to a protocol of the International Labor Organization (ILO), which came into force in November 2016, but which Portugal had not yet adopted, on “ Forced Labor ”, which is to say, work that is performed under duress and involuntarily.

Better and more public service, now!

In many municipalities in low-density territories there is no land, rail or river connection. Are your citizens not entitled to minimum services or public investment for mobility?
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