Eduardo Teixeira, Economist and Deputy to the Assembly of the Republic

Save the economy, save the Portuguese

The Government, with its powers now strengthened and the financial means of European bazooka, must fight the pandemic. The opposition, especially the PSD, has taken a collaborative role in this battle. But much more has to be done.

Justice in the degradation of the Government

What we all have to complain about is a necessary and urgent reform in justice, but also the necessary political explanation and responsibility of those who manage the destinies of justice in Portugal.

A doubt and a challenge

In the final stretch of 2020, it is worth reviewing the last months and foreseeing the next ones that appear on the horizon with countless clouds of uncertainty. Something seems, however, to offer no doubt: that this pandemic climate and its impact on public health and the health of our economy will translate into a […]

Banking moratorium

Filed credit or default, the Government's strategy is to put pressure on the banking side. Being limited to watching, doing nothing to prevent a hypothetical, but possible, new financial crisis.

Deaths in the SEF

What seems clear, for now, is this: the state has failed. There have already been four layoffs at SEF. What is at stake is too serious for there to be no political responsibilities either.

TAL company

From what is known of this plan and the underlying accounts of TAP that are being finalized, it may need another two billion euros between 2021 and 2024.
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