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PremiumChina: what to expect from the “two sessions”

China's parliament and consultative assembly started the 2020 sessions, which had been postponed due to Covid-19. Pandemic, economic recovery, the first civil code and the fight against poverty are on the agenda.

Support for media groups ranges between 9% and 10,2% of quarterly revenues

Government used advertising and circulation revenues to calculate support for the media, but the percentage varies depending on the group. Impresa receives equivalent to 10,2% of the second quarter 2019 revenue. Next are Media Capital (9,9%) and Cofina (9,6%). If it received 9% support, Impresa would lose 400 thousand euros, equivalent to four times more than the amount allocated to the “Observer”.

Novo Banco: a matter of incentives

Like any economic agent, Lone Star plays with the cards at its disposal. Looking back, it is difficult not to question whether the public interest would not have been better defended if Novo Banco had remained in the public sphere.

PremiumMário Ferreira buys 30% of TVI for 10,5 million

Business values ​​Media Capital at 130 million euros (with debt), below the 205 million that Cofina was going to pay for the company before the pandemic.

The difficult days of Mário Centeno

Centeno's weakness is that he has no political weight of his own. While things went well, this fragility was not noticeable, but the world has changed and, with it, priorities have changed and the balance of forces between Costa and Centeno has changed.

Sofia Santos: “Green recovery will be the best bet”

In an interview, the sustainability expert argues that we have an opportunity to rebuild the economy in a more sustainable way.
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