Filipe Garcia, IMF Economist - Financial Market Information

Portugal without plan B

Just keeping up appearances and assuming that "debts are to be managed" will not only not pull us off the tail of Europe, but will restrict our freedom.

The end of Certificates?

Cristina Casalinho's recent statements seem to telegraph the end of Treasury Certificates.

The interest in deposits

The large amount invested in deposits is beginning to be of interest to politicians.

Banking mergers

Concentration in the banking sector appears to be increasingly imperative. Portuguese banks will have to go through this process. It remains to be seen whether willingly or forcibly.

Hostages of low interest

Euribor reached new historical lows, already close to -0,50% of the ECB's deposit rate.

Burn a generation

Any society has an obligation to bet on and defend its children. And, as in other subjects, great generational selfishness prevails.
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