Filipe Garcia, IMF Economist - Financial Market Information

Miracles and long term

The Portuguese no longer all feel the same and are suspicious of their leaders. More. The country showed its poverty, as well as its social, political and institutional limitations.

No excuses

Joe Biden will not have the blocks that Trump had to face. The Democratic Party has the power, let's see what it will do with it.

The worse the better?

The behavior of the financial markets in recent weeks will certainly cause strangeness. What, then, can explain this disconnect between markets and the economy?

Hope has a name

The new year will start with a bittersweet flavor and 2021 is totally dependent on vaccines.

Schrödinger's Economy

The real situation of the Portuguese economy is a mystery. If support measures and default were withdrawn, what would be the impact? How many undead do we have in the economy?

Weak Dollar

This year, Eur / Usd has accumulated a gain of almost 9%. The opinion of analysts is almost consensual in the forecast that the dollar will weaken further in 2021. Why?
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