Gabriel Leite Mota, Economist, PhD in Economy of Happiness

The science of happiness as a solution

The century. XXI has all the conditions to become known as the century of true globalization. But this process will only be consolidated if safe and effective measures are taken for the human satisfaction of all.

For a luxury Portugal

Contrary to what we have done in the past, betting on low production costs as a factor of competitiveness, we must explore what is inimitable, charging monopolist prices.

Ana Gomes is not a populist

Those who say that the big problem now is the economic crisis, unemployment and inequality, accusing Ana Gomes of not being focused on these topics, make a serious analysis error: it is because of corruption, mismanagement and havens that there is poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Technocapitalism towards communism

What the globalization of capitalism has brought will be the gateway to communism, or what Agostinho da Silva calls the age of the Holy Spirit, or the age of freedom.

Luxury niches in the state

What differentiates employment benefits in Portugal is not so much being public or private, rather being luxury or not.

The macho swamp

Machismo is perpetuated by acts, omissions and words, between men, between women, and between women and men, from generation to generation, at home, at school and in communication and social networks.
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