Gabriel Leite Mota, Economist, PhD in Economy of Happiness

The macho swamp

Machismo is perpetuated by acts, omissions and words, between men, between women, and between women and men, from generation to generation, at home, at school and in communication and social networks.

The crumbs

Aware that only states are able to solve public and global problems, multimillionaires are calling for decisive state action, saying they have financial resources ready to be taxed.

Cultural Marxism 'loves' the free market

All socio-cultural transformation processes, despite having their own histories and multiple causes, have a great lover in the free market.

The stupid (and harmful) glorification of the individual

I am against the vandalization of statues. Rather, I advocate a democratic discussion about them. But I don't think anyone deserves a statue.

Bad weather for bad politicians

In the US and Brazil, led by two monsters of populism, the management of the pandemic has been terrible, with these leaders giving the wrong examples and advice all the time and conducting erratic policies.

The importance of an application by Ana Gomes

In presidential elections where not all of the right is satisfied with Marcelo, not having a strong candidacy in the center-left would be a crime against democracy.
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