Hemp Lastru

The dull crystal

I confess that I have little respect for the visionaries. If they were really good, they didn't need to sell predictions to make a living ...

There are no more elephants

History repeats itself. It is definitely repeated. This is not the real question. The real question, the one that no one has yet answered, is: how many times?

What's in a name

There are diabolical things, like the proper names that parents yearn to give their children. Here is the example of the bud of Elon Musk and Claire Grimes: X Æ A-12. X from him, is chosen by the mother. The conservatory did not accept.

Oh my gosh!

Apparently, there is no shortage of religions and gods out there, but nothing compares to the new religion that Trump wants to create, whose fundamental precept is: send who is in second place.

I don't leave here

Roosevelt did not want to follow the practice established since Washington and ran for the third term, then the fourth, and only left the White House when he died.


On Wikipedia things are learned that were never thought of by ordinary people, such as a type of death called fatal hilarity, resulting from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation following an attack of laughter.
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