Hemp Lastru

Delivered to the insignia

Some visitors found it amusing to see a parrot tell them to do things that are highly unacceptable, but the park management fears the impact of such behavior.

The sweet life

It seems to me that the Mayor of Almada is not yet living in Bairro Amarelo. If he had managed to change in one day, as he announced, he would surely have used some position privilege.

The cat and the mice

I would willingly release a bear in Parliament and a kissing mamba in Belém, but I am already seeing myself accused of cruelty to animals.

Liars and lame

Trump does not use Moleskines, who says he is an artist speaks in a figurative sense. Trump hardly writes more than 140 characters at a time, which would put a work like "War and Peace" out of his reach.

Mission and de-mission

Misunderstandings are dangerous, particularly if they result from over-dedication by the military ...


I love to hear Dr. Marques Mendes on Sunday, on TV, more than I would like to hear Prof. Marcelo. He has an advantage, because he can talk about what Prof. The opposite would no longer have the same effect.
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