Hemp Lastru

Mission and de-mission

Misunderstandings are dangerous, particularly if they result from over-dedication by the military ...


I love to hear Dr. Marques Mendes on Sunday, on TV, more than I would like to hear Prof. Marcelo. He has an advantage, because he can talk about what Prof. The opposite would no longer have the same effect.

Like a weathervane

It is said that the Earth's magnetic field is losing strength, or that a new pole reversal may be underway. The version that claimed to be Chinese and Iranian interference was more funny ...

Unbelievable but true

Boris Johnson ushered in a new era in which advisors are not sacrificed to save ministers, but the opposite.

My manifest

Is a manifesto to promote a cause or to promote itself? Are there rules for a good manifesto?

Blatant injustice

The current situation condemns an entire professional class to become extinct like the dinosaurs. Let's take care of the thieves they deserve too.
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