Hugo Bragança Monteiro, Director of Communication and Marketing at Whitestar Asset Solutions

And Christmas how is it?

In the middle of the whirlwind, the mission can be simpler. It is enough for lovers of Christmas shopping to change, like companies, their strategy.

The (good) customer experience

I know that the mission of companies is to sell their services / products and that without them there is no company. But it is not for nothing that companies invest more and more in the knowledge of their customers.

Our pillars

Today, in my professional life, I have the possibility of being a kind of double agent: I continue to absorb and learn constantly - because I like and need it. But I also pay back.

Lack of time to think

A focused and attentive mind encourages decision making and makes it easier for us to solve problems. Employees with more space on their "hard drive", ie brain, live better and are more productive.

The advent of the Optimists

We know that companies and their brands have an absolutely fundamental role in the development of societies, as they are an integral part of them. They don't always do it, but when they do, they deserve that recognition.

No companies without employees

Employees are the first and most genuine ambassadors for our brands, companies. But they really are only if they feel it, day by day, in the way the company treats them, receives them.
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