Hugo Bragança Monteiro, Director of Communication and Marketing at Whitestar Asset Solutions

The advent of the Optimists

We know that companies and their brands have an absolutely fundamental role in the development of societies, as they are an integral part of them. They don't always do it, but when they do, they deserve that recognition.

No companies without employees

Employees are the first and most genuine ambassadors for our brands, companies. But they really are only if they feel it, day by day, in the way the company treats them, receives them.

Remote work is trust and efficiency

Although there is sometimes skepticism, even if unconscious, associated with remote work, in general, the feedback from employees has been very positive.

Just one click to communicate?

The flexibility of communication, of innovation, of the way we keep internal audiences involved, interested and little bored or tired will be the secret.

We are what we communicate

The challenge was and will continue to be to remove any type of obligation to virtual coexistence, that is, employees will have to be encouraged to do so voluntarily.