Hugo Costa, Economist and PS Deputy

Numbers that are not statistics

The difficult balance between economy and health is crucial. Only the resolution of the health problem can allow the economy to be solved. The measures underway are essential, as is the Recovery and Resilience Plan at European level.

Combating energy poverty

More and more, we must have clean energy at no cost to consumers, in order to reverse current figures. Energy efficiency and air conditioning are also essential in this regard.

Hope for the future

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transition and the necessary green transition. Public policies must continue to follow this path, without increasing inequalities in 2021. The response and recovery to this crisis are crucial for the future.

A region in the future of Ribatejo and Oeste

The development and cohesion of these territories need a territorial unit and the ability to decide on their destinations. The creation of a new NUT2 is therefore crucial for the future of this region.

A people-focused budget

I understand that everything is always little, in atypical times, marked by many fears, doubts and insecurities. The responses show, however, that there is a path where the focus is on people. It could not be otherwise.

American elections and Portugal

The new US President is a moderate and defender of bridges. Portugal chairs the EU Council next semester and will certainly be a protagonist engaged in dialogue with the USA on global issues.
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