Inês Pinto Miguel

Covid-19 defies international trade

Experts point to “disappointing” results in exports due to the pandemic, but believe that the sector will return to normal with the discovery of a vaccine.

The wealthiest 12 billionaires' wealth grew by 843 billion but workers were at risk

During the period under review, the fortunes of the 12 billionaires saw a “steady and persistent increase”. "It looks like they are inside a bubble of their own," said one of the study's authors.

Portugal registers 6.489 cases and 61 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours

Health officials accounted for another 5.076 hikes in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of people free from the virus to 163.

USA: Joe Biden wins recount in Georgia and takes Donald Trump room for maneuver

In Georgia, the Democrat defeated the outgoing president by 12.284 votes, an even smaller margin than the initial 14 votes of difference announced. After the announcement, Biden claimed that Donald Trump showed "incredible irresponsibility" by not assuming defeat.

Non-registered deputy Cristina Rodrigues votes in favor of renewal

"I appeal to everyone's responsibility in managing the pandemic," said Cristina Rodrigues in her speech.

CDS-PP: “Government was unable to prepare”

"Today we made a decision without the Government being serious about sharing with the Government what it is going to do," added Telmo Correia in his speech, saying that the Executive should first share the measures and only then the decree.
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