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The 4.0 revolution in the agrifood sector: opportunities for growth

All over the world, the success stories that demonstrate the impact of new technologies and information systems on the productivity and profitability of agricultural businesses, both in field operations and in the back-office, are multiplying.

"Not increasing the minimum wage in 2021 is a mistake", says TIMING's CEO

Ricardo Mariano, founder and CEO of Timing People - Temporary Work Company, confirmed the path that the human resources company has taken to date in Portugal and opened up the game regarding its strategy for the future.

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Now see a live conversation with leaders in the financial advisory industry about the prospects for economic recovery and the challenges facing Portuguese companies.

The challenges of new leadership

The pandemic context in which we live has forced companies to adapt their work models overnight. What challenges are facing today's leaders at a time when they are forced to lead remotely?

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In view of the uncertainty caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, find out what the financial advisory leaders think about the economic recovery and the challenges that economic agents will have to respond to.

MODTISSIMO brings together Portuguese textiles under the sign of trust and optimism

With a date set for the next 23 and 24 of September, MODTISSIMO promises to bring together in Alfândega do Porto the cream of the Portuguese textile and clothing industry, attracting professional buyers from various foreign markets. After months of contingency, the event has more than 100 exhibitors, seeking to speed up the recovery.
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