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WEBINAR: Mobility in the Future. Ask your questions now

Could the public health crisis we are experiencing now accelerate the bet on sustainable mobility? This and other issues will be discussed on July 6 at 15pm. Submit your questions now.

Food industry - (R) evolution 4.0

In the food industry, the management of perishable goods and the need to comply with strict food quality and safety standards are a permanent challenge. In this scenario, it is impossible to optimize your operation, if your organizational processes are spread over multiple management, ERP and CRM applications.

Watch JE editors talks now: Artificial Intelligence

The development of new artificial intelligence and robotics solutions promises to change the way we work forever. In this talk, find out how work will be done in the future.

Don't miss the 6th of July the Webinar: Mobility in the Future

Watch live, on the 6th of July at 15h, the webinar on mobility in the future where the challenges and opportunities will be debated in this period of uncertainty that we are experiencing.

Don't miss today at 17pm JE editors Talks: Artificial Intelligence

The new coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. The way we work has been greatly affected and artificial intelligence and robotics are proving to be more and more relevant today.

Watch JE editors talks now: Audit and Account Review

Find out what are the trends, challenges and opportunities that will dictate the future of auditing and auditing companies.
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