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“First Person”: “Foreign investment has not made any significant changes to our productive structure”

Luís Todo Bom, first president of PT and current CEO of Angopartners, was the guest of the last edition of the program “Primeira Pessoa”, from the JE TV platform. "A large part of the investment has little fixed assets, and therefore we need to attract foreign money that is different from what we have been attracting", stressed the manager.

A 'circus' of millions. What economic impact will F1 have in Portugal?

This weekend, Portimão will host the Formula 1 Grand Prix, 24 years after the last race held in Portugal. These are the numbers around this test.

“First Person”: “There is a huge number of SMEs without adequate management tools”

Manager Luís Todo Bom was the guest of the “Primeira Pessoa” program, on the JE TV platform, and said that “there is a huge number of small and medium-sized companies that in fact do not have the appropriate management tools, especially for their family businesses ”.

“First Person”: “The crisis is in place, so it is not worth ignoring. The OE for 2021 lacks credibility ”

PT's former president, Luís Todo Bom, proposes that “Banco de Fomento, in merger and acquisition processes that create companies with a European dimension, should be available to participate in the capital of these companies, strengthening their balance sheets for some time”, considering that "if we continue with these very small companies, we will not go anywhere and the impoverishment is guaranteed"

“Jogo Económico”: “Benfica's elections? Election campaign was very poor ”

In the latest edition of the “Jogo Económico” program, from the JE TV platform, economist and ex-footballer Diogo Luís regretted that the campaign for the elections of SL Benfica was, in his opinion, little enlightening regarding the candidates' proposals.

From IRS withholding to IVAucher: What tax measures stand out in OE2021?

Knowing the main measures of the OE2021, we will analyze the news regarding fiscal measures, with Samuel Fernandes de Almeida, inspector and partner of Vieira de Almeida and Rogério Fernandes Ferreira, inspector, founding partner of RFF and former Secretary of State for Tax Affairs.
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