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PremiumVentura will ask to be granted immunity if he has to go to court

Chega's leader, fined for discriminating against the Roma community, guarantees that he will face justice “in whatever he has to face”. Crime of racial discrimination can be punished with up to five years in prison.

PremiumPeak infections scheduled for November 25-30

Experts consider that the number of cases could increase to 7.000. Maximum deaths expected for the second week of December.

OE2021: Government considers number of proposed amendments “very high and inadequate”

Parties submitted more than 1.500 proposed amendments to the OE2021. The Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Duarte Cordeiro, insisted that “it is in the national interest to make the budget viable” and accused the Social Democrats of delivering “disrespectful and irresponsible” proposals.

PremiumGovernment wants to halt budgetary impact of negative coalitions

Socialists are scrutinizing proposed amendments to halt understandings among other parties with significant budgetary impact.

Minute by minute: Debate and vote on OE 2021 specialty starts in Parliament

Today begins the debate in Parliament and the start of voting on the proposals. The final global vote for OE 2021 will take place on 26 November.

Peak deaths in December and vaccine in January. What was said at the Infarmed meeting

The extension of the state of emergency, whose intention has already been confirmed by the Presidency of the Republic, was one of the topics discussed, along with the impact of the containment measures taken. Several alerts also emerged from the meeting: the peak of infections should be reached this month and not all Portuguese are complying with the rules to 100%.
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