João Abel de Freitas, Economist

Lithium problems and uncertainties in Portugal

If some hang on to lithium, others argue that the future of the car is in the “fuel cell”, originating from hydrogen. Our country, it seems, is betting on both carts.

Strategic Plan for the Portuguese Economy, single notes

The Plan must be based on a very limited number of areas (clusters). Otherwise, it will be just a few well-written generalities.

Culture, Economy and Covid-19

I do not agree that Culture should not be seen from the perspective of the economy. It must, in the global sense of the “political / public” economy, and also be managed by principles of efficiency.

Who rules in Europe ...

Germany forgets its contemporary history. He forgets that he benefited from loans on frankly favorable terms, under the Marshall plan, and beyond.

The European Union needs an April 25

The escape of large companies to taxes will once again be guaranteed. And they will be the same to pay for the crisis. The EU must build a space for thought and action in solidarity.

Got it, Mário Centeno!

Where to find the financing to rebuild the economy on different bases and in how many years? All of this without counting the European Union, or counting very little.
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