João Abel de Freitas, Economist

Misfit algorithms

There is still a need to improve management, recover lost confidence and not forget the country as a whole. It seems that Portugal has closed and only the pandemic remains. Does Portuguese DNA only have one problem at a time?

Serious sprains to democracy

In the United Kingdom, the “adoption institute” has become a big business of influence and corruption, where anything goes, and which touches all levels and areas of Social Security. A Portuguese-British co-production highlights this.

Incongruities and failures

I see myself in Mariana Mazzucato. The entrepreneurial State is not “the public sector in combat with the private sector, but a State with a catalytic effect and engine of economic development, based on innovation”.

The bazooka funds

Has the current bureaucracy that conditions the progress of the processes in fact prevented the increase of corruption? The experience of life does not go there and even teaches us that in the corridors of bureaucracy a lot of corruption is generated.

From slingshot to bazooka

In the field of management, instead of the mini remodeling that the Prime Minister “designed”, it made more sense for a New Government, less dispersed and more cohesive, oriented towards the execution of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

ACS strategic vision

Yuval Noah Harari and António Costa Silva anticipate several possible conjectures for the future of work and the economy, based on technological changes, and not only, which are on the way to implanting themselves at various levels and rhythms in our societies, institutions or companies.
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