João Atanásio, Professor, European University

New year, old life

2020 and the pandemic are here to stay. Although the disease will be progressively eradicated, its effects will take years to pass. We will have a decade of economic stagnation that was not on the horizon.

Poor contributors

What is being asked for once and for all is a government that has the courage to know how to define the real functions that the State should perform and that should be financed by our taxes.

The re-candidate

Marcelo was made to be President. Whether you like the style or not, the truth is that, in a country where the President has the importance he has, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa meets what the majority of the people want from his representative.

The era of extremes

It is time to be tolerant, to accept to discuss ideas and values, to know how to use arguments with all those who advocate positions contrary to ours, to stop imposing principles as if they were universal truths.

The Azorean contraption

There was nothing wrong with allowing a more radical party to make a regional government viable, and it is true that no compromises were made on matters that put any democratic principle or value at risk.

These Americans are crazy

Whatever happens in the few states where votes are still to be counted, one thing seems certain, Donald Trump has already won the elections, even if he is not re-elected President of the USA.
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