João Barros

Minute by minute OE 2021: Fourth day of voting starts in Parliament

The debate in the specialty and the voting of the proposals enters the fourth day. On the third day, voting ended after midnight and with last-minute twists and turns. The final global vote for OE 2021 will take place on November 26, next Thursday.

Investment markets and offices grow in Porto despite the pandemic

The Porto real estate market thus proves its resilience in the face of the negative shock that constitutes Covid-19, points out the most recent JLL study, maintaining the growth trajectory that transited last year.

Telecommunications: Prices have risen in Portugal in the last 10 years, contrary to European trends, reveals Anacom

Unlike most countries in the European bloc, which have experienced a reduction in telecommunications prices over the past decade, Portugal sees the third largest increase in the economic zone in these services.

Five major airlines now offer digital health passes to bypass Covid-19

With the aviation sector still heavily conditioned by the restrictions that brought the pandemic and by the distrust of passengers, several airlines joined the largest international airport network to implement a digital health system that allows the validation of tests related to Covid-19 , a measure seen as fundamental to recover the business.

Bitcoin exceeds $ 19 for the first time in three years and approaches its absolute maximum

The cryptocurrency is back to its 2017 levels, when its rapid appreciation put it close to $ 20, despite the reticence of many experts, who consider the asset merely speculative.

Online commerce sees complaints skyrocket 155% in 2020, reveals Complaint Portal

The affirmation of digital channels as the preferred vehicle of commerce during the pandemic caused the number of complaints related to electronic commerce in Portugal to skyrocket in 2020. Still, an overwhelming majority of Portuguese consumers want to take advantage of Black Friday promotional campaigns.
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