João Barros

Arsenal wants to fire 55 workers but pays Mesüt Özil 388 euros a week in salaries

The London club has communicated its decision to continue with a restructuring process that it considers necessary. Fans and players were not happy.

Suspended crowdfunding of young man who asked for money to pay for doctorate in Cambridge

The crowdfunding platform “Paying coffee to António Rolo Duarte” suspended the initiative after several complaints

USA: New claims for unemployment benefit with lower weekly value since the start of the pandemic

After two weeks of increases in the indicator, this week marked a return to the decline that occurred before that period.

Bernie Sanders wants to tax the “obscene” profits of billionaires from the pandemic

The Senator advocates an extraordinary tax on profits for the last five months of the country's billionaire entrepreneurs, which would be enough to finance Medicare next year

Iberdrola assures control of Australian renewable energy company Infigen

The Spanish giant concluded a takeover bid on 52,75% of the Australian company's capital, expanding its renewables project in Australia.

US jobs: data released this week will take the 'pulse' of the US economy

After several months of decline, the data known last week revealed the second week followed by an increase in claims for unemployment benefits. Trump says he expects “big numbers”
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