João Tereso Casimiro

'Champions' in Lisbon. Atlético de Madrid: 804 million mark with a Portuguese as the most expensive ever

Atleti, as the Madrid club is also known, surprised everyone and everything when they eliminated the champion in the title of the Champions League, Liverpool FC. Club is worth 804 million euros and positions itself as one of the strongest candidates for the European title.

AS Roma will have new owners. Business close to 600 million euros

The announced agreement definitively ends Jim Pallotta's involvement in the club, which, in recent months, had already shown interest in abandoning the project, after plans for the construction of a new stadium came to a standstill.

Nintendo's quarterly profit reaches 19 million euros

Serkan Toto, founder of the video game industry consultant Kantan Games says that "the numbers are even more impressive when we consider that throughout the quarter, there were difficulties in obtaining Switch in all major markets".

Joe Biden refuses to take cognitive test after Trump calls into question his mental abilities

Biden refuses the idea of ​​examining his mental state, comparing the suggestion to taking a drug test "it is like saying that, before entering this program, I would have to do a test to find out if I am under the influence of cocaine".

“Climate change will be the next pandemic”, warns Bill Gates

Through his 'Gates Notes' blog, the Microsoft co-founder says he wants to focus his energies and resources on the consequences of climate change, justifying that this will be “the next economic and health challenge that society will face. As terrible as this pandemic is, the consequences of climate change can be much worse ”

First 12 forest surveillance drones have already been delivered to the Air Force

The acquisition of drones by the Portuguese Air Force was financed, in its entirety, by the Government's Environmental Fund. Drones represent a lower investment when compared to manned aerial means, in addition to the ability to remain in the air for a longer time (12 hours), thus reinforcing its importance in helping to prevent / fight fires in Portugal.
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