João Gonçalves Pereira, Deputy and Alderman of CDS-PP at CML

No margin of error for vaccination

Portugal should not and cannot, for socio-economic reasons, run the risk that the vaccination process will be lengthened or hampered for logistical or other reasons. There can be no mistakes.

What's next for tourism?

The dialogue between the European Union and the WTTC should be one of the concerns on the part of the Portuguese presidency of the Council of the EU. The travel and tourism sector ecosystem contributed 10,3% of world GDP in 2019.

Brexit, a difficult birth

It was as complicated and time-consuming as the nine months that have elapsed since the Brexit talks effectively began to take place and that seemed much longer, not only to those involved in the negotiations but to all of us, citizens of the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom.

2021, the year of climate truth

With the re-entry of the USA and the recent announcements of commitments by China, Japan and South Korea, more than half of the emissions could be reduced, if the respective countries fulfill their promises and targets.

5G is vital for Portugal

We fully understand the importance of 5G when we see that it will have a positive economic impact at the national level in the region of 35 billion euros, and should therefore count on the commitment of all.

Between ambition and achievement

It would be good if, at the outset, there was an awareness that the dimension of the challenges that the Portuguese presidency will face are not compatible with the usual speech of good socialist intentions.
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