João Gonçalves Pereira, Deputy and Alderman of CDS-PP at CML

Portugal and tax evasion

On the verge of assuming the rotating presidency of the EU on 1 January, Portugal should not and cannot be associated with anything other than transparency and good practices of fiscal equity.

The challenges of the pandemic crisis

The IMF recommends that governments ensure the liquidity of the business system. But it will take much more than that to amortize the very high transition costs for the post-pandemic crisis economy.

The OECD and the step beyond the leg

The OECD cannot, and should not, act as an iron test for the introduction of political themes in an agenda that, for the organization in question, should be that of economic growth and development.

Golf and its creation of value

As an oxygen balloon, the president of the Portuguese Golf Federation points out the reduction in VAT, which in 2012, in the context of the troika, went from six to 23%.

Hard times for banking

In Portugal, for now, only the eventual inclusion of Montepio in Millennium bcp was reported. Information that officials at both banks have already denied.

I want, I can and I command the government “muscular”

Rather than guaranteeing the stability and sustainability of the forest landscape through a coherent management model, socialists cause fear, uncertainty and misunderstanding among landowners.
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