John Marcelino

Freedom exercised

Only lucid politicians, like Sérgio Sousa Pinto, can help keep Portugal out of extremism, equivalent, from the left and right.

The wall

No one on the serious right would remember to try to minimize the crimes of Hitler and fascism; but the extreme left is allowed to abuse collective intelligence by putting the crimes of communism, Stalin and others at odds.

Elections there are many

It is curious: a government of the Republic can be supported by the PCP and the Bloc, but a government of the Azores must not be able to form by abstaining or voting in favor of Chega.

Lessons from the Azores

The regional elections gave, with surprise in the face of the polls, a huge blow in the stomach of the power in force in Portugal, that of the PS of António Costa.

The political “suspense”

As seen in the surveys, the country does not believe that the OE is not approved in general for what remains of the contraption. It would be irresponsible.

From words to practice

The pandemic provided António Costa with the reason to finally bring Manuela Ferreira Leite's 'council' to life and try to stop democracy.
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