John Marcelino

Putin in the distance

André Ventura realized that the country of Camões continues to walk with a flap in one eye. It is, I believe, his only merit.

All in the open

Did anyone expect that, with or without coronavirus, the owners of the NB would not find any pretext to smash the government's commitment / guarantee to the marrow?

Perception and reality

The radicalism of Bloco and Chega, true allies, gives a lot of help to those who need to hide the main wound of the regime: corruption.

Dormant state

António Costa and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa want the Portuguese back to work but it won't be an easy task


Nationalization is advancing under the pressure of various 'lobbies' and defended by well-known papayas of the State that we have.

Not fictional production

Intending to subsidize Information, these 15 million allocated to media companies, in fact, came, above all, to help pay for television programming.
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