John Marcelino

Almost general shipwreck

The Costa / Medina case clearly shows the point at which the connection between party personnel and football club leaders reached: the point of the most perfect irrationality

'Populists' there are many

The definition, minimalist, is found: any Portuguese concerned with the evident worsening of the phenomenon of corruption is a 'populist'.

Rules of the economy

The case of the Festa do Avante, the mistake of SIC and the redundancies in Fátima.

Of cowardice

Those seven seconds of António Costa with the “Expresso” are an example of promiscuity and attempted manipulation that are not part of an 'off the record'.

The Block and the Enough

Ghosts such as "racism", "fascism" and other artificial isms do not scare most Portuguese people unhappy with the regime.

The Development Bank

In this critical period, the Portuguese economy demands from this novel bank a conscious administration of the time we live in and as much as possible shielded from the wishes of the ruling socialist apparatus.
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