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PremiumBosses expect new support to arrive “urgently”

Business confederations warn that companies are at risk of insolvency, as they no longer have reserves unlike the previous lockdown.

Premium“We will not have recovery in less than three or four years”, warns Murteira Nabo

Former President of Economists says the recovery will be slow. President of the JM Group fears an increase in impoverishment in Portugal.

PremiumCEO for TAP could earn more than 700 thousand euros per year

Experts in executive compensation plans explained to JE how much an international CEO costs TAP.

PremiumTAP has already transferred six Airbus to the English aircraft cemetery

The civil aviation sector is unaware of the buyer of the planes that TAP has parked in the United Kingdom, six in Cotswold and one in Bro Tathan. TAP did not comment until the closing time of this edition of the JE.

Automotive component exports increased for the fifth consecutive month

Exports of automotive components increased for the fifth consecutive month in November, growing 6,4% compared to the same month, rising to 940 million euros, reveals the Association of Manufacturers for the Automotive Industry (AFIA). Even so, the accumulated value from January to November 2020 was 7,9 billion euros, 12% less than the same period in 2019.

Petrogal workers mark demonstration against closure of Porto refinery

Appealing for participation in the January 12 demonstration between the Porto refinery and the Matosinhos City Council, against the closure of the “North refinery”, where nearly 400 workers work, Petrogal's Central Workers Commission accuses the executive president of Galp, Carlos Gomes da Silva, of “bleaching and disposing of his own responsibilities” and says that the Minister of the Environment, Matos Fernandes, was “spokesman for the Administration of Galp” in the process of closing the refinery. CTT recalls the memory of the historic worker Hugo Basto, recently deceased, who fought for growth and investment in Portuguese refineries all his life.
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