João Reis, Researcher in Finance and Climate activist

Trump comes out, Biden enters, fracking is

Trump represented the denial of the existence of climate change, Biden represents the recognition of these, but the denial of the need to take the necessary measures to combat them.

The mythology of green growth

Growth via service exports from the global north is what allows you to pay for goods now imported. The facade of green growth quickly falls, leaving one facet of globalization in its place.

The fossil budget

This is the State Budget that clings to the hope that, when confinement ends, the system is still more or less intact.

Carbon tax, between inefficiency and injustice

The carbon tax advocated by Europe oscillates between leaving everything the same, while simulating real climate action, and austerity painted in green accompanied by an aimless energy transition.

Von der Leyen innovates the climate inaction discourse

The plan is the dual image of Europe: on the one hand, the imperative to make the energy transition advance as soon as possible, on the other, measures that leave everything the same and ensure climatic chaos.

Aviation fee rates

Europe is a source of tassels to the aviation sector, with Portugal positioning itself at the forefront of those who most benefit the airline industry.
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