Jorge Pereira da Silva, Director of the Lisbon School of the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University

Keep faith in humanity?

I spare myself to describe the beliefs that are part of the flying spaghetti “gospel”, but I would like to congratulate the IRN for the seriousness it has dealt with in this increasingly insane world.

Preventive state of emergency?

Why do we have legislation adequate to the current pandemic if we can only do it for the next one, which we do not know when it will be or how it will be? When things get complicated in the present, it is best to project the future.

Who defends our rights?

Six months ago, we returned to a state of constitutional normality, so all restrictions on fundamental rights must pass a decision by Parliament.

750 dollars!

Democrats and Republicans clash over who poses the greatest threat to American democracy, but there is little doubt that she will be sitting in the Oval Office.

What does it mean to be a “good citizen”?

Accepting the conscientious objection does not mean that the subject of Citizenship and Development becomes optional. Rather, it is a condition for maintaining its obligation.

Portugal has become a country of mathematicians!

There is an obvious discrimination in access to different higher education courses for all candidates who have not benefited from the administrative inflation of grades in specific entrance exams.
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