José Carlos Lourinho

Slowing economy in the US causes sharp falls on Wall Street

The Dow Jones fell 1,92% to 26.764,25 points, the S&P 50 fell 2,37% to 3.236,99 points, and the Nasdaq fell 3,02% to 10.632,99 points.

Banking unions warn Banco Montepio that they will not tolerate pressure on workers

“SNQTB, SBN and SIB will analyze in detail the plan presented by the chairman of Banco Montepio's Executive Committee and warn that they will not tolerate any form of pressure on workers to accept early retirements or terminations by mutual agreement, if this is not your free will, ”the statement said.

Marcelo: “Deficit of 5,4% of GDP? We already knew it was going to be a bad number ”

“The result at the end of the year will depend a lot on the last quarter. We already knew it was going to be a bad number, although everything is less bad than what was expected ”, clarified the President of the Republic.

“It is natural for the State Budget to pass to the left”, stresses Marcelo

“It is essential that the OE is made possible because the recovery plan is essential, because we have a multi-year financial framework and this has to do with the next budgets. For Portugal it is very important that the OE does not have an unfeasibility in the final global vote ”, explained the President of the Republic.

“Temperature measurement in schools? Institutions can adopt a method as long as they comply with rules ”, admits DGS

Asked about the possibility of this measure being applied in schools, this official recalled that this monitoring is already done at airports and at points of entry in Portugal, but that all institutions that understand this measure as effective, can implement it, provided they comply the necessary criteria.

DGS reveals that there were already two meetings to plan October 13 in Fátima

“We are going to do the work of assessing the plan and if it is in accordance with our recommendations. The opinion we are preparing takes into account the rules and the epidemic moment ”, detailed Graça Freitas.
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