Leonardo Ralha

Portuguese Presidency of the European Union hires Fundação Mário Soares for 25 thousand euros

The contract provides for a physical exhibition on the former President of the Republic, digital formats and a book on Portugal's journey in the European Economic Community and the European Union.

Enough distances itself from Congressman's “absurd proposal” for “removing the ovaries” of women who have miscarried

The party's national leadership emphasizes that the motion by Rui Roque, a delegate to the national convention who is a former PNR activist, was disapproved by the overwhelming majority of congressmen present in Évora. And he guarantees that it will never be materialized in Chega's political program.

Marisa Matias announces support of 600 women for her presidential candidacy

Figures from culture, academia and social activism stand out among the supporters of the MEP of the Left Bloc, who re-applied for the Presidency of the Republic after having obtained 10,12% of the votes in 2016.
Gabriel Mithá Ribeiro

Chega's new vice president places Marcelo “on top of the Leninist pyramid of the spiral of silence”

A university professor is militant 13.428, but before joining the party he had already explained the reasons for voting for André Ventura in the presidential elections, pointing him out as “the only one who doesn't balance on the wall” among the right-wing politicians in office. Next to Passos Coelho, he is seen by the leader of Chega as fundamental “to help define strategic policies”.
Rui Rio in the Polygraph

Rui Rio wants the Court of Auditors to audit Novo Banco and admits to approving a blocking proposal for a commission of inquiry

PSD President was interviewed in the “Polígrafo” of SIC, having guaranteed that there will be no understandings in municipalities with Chega. As for the natural coalition partner, Rio said that "the CDS has not yet completely disappeared, but it is in difficulties".

Recovery Plan: How does the Government expect to distribute the grants

Government wants to allocate 3.200 million euros to social measures and 2.500 million euros to the “productive potential”. Third largest share of funds will be allocated to the digital transition of Public Administration.
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