Leonardo Ralha

OE2021: PS joins the right to fail all the proposals of the Left Block

All the proposals presented by the blockade deputies on the first day of voting in the specialty of the State Budget for 2021 received a vote against by the PS, almost always alongside PSD, CDS, Chega and Liberal Initiative. “Can there be a left-wing response to the crisis with the rules of the right?” Asked Catarina Martins on Twitter.

Subsidy for election campaigns explains almost 94% of the increase in the budget of the Assembly of the Republic

Current expenses rise only from 78,8 to 81,9 million euros, with a decrease of 61 thousand euros in personnel expenses. Allowances and wages in periods of illness, maternity and paternity are significantly reduced.

State Secretary authorized to mobilize SNS workers who denounce employment contract

Lacerda Sales will have the power to keep workers in the health services and establishments that intend to say goodbye, in order to guarantee the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Order of the Minister of Health states that there will be “an indispensable consideration of the adequacy and proportionality” of such decisions.

Candidates supported by Bolsonaro and PT big losers of the first round of Brazilian municipalities

Brazilian President exulted with the left's “historic defeat” in Sunday's municipal elections, but the vote brought bad news to his allies. The traditional center-right gains weight, with Bruno Covas and Eduardo Paes leading in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, a good sign for an “anti-Bolsonaro” candidacy for the presidential elections of 2022.

PremiumThe Good Doctor: When the pandemic infects the small screen

There was little doubt that television series that combine clinical cases with bits and pieces of doctors' lives could hardly forget that the world is facing the greatest health crisis of this century.

PremiumDonald Trump: What remains of him when he leaves

The reluctance of almost all Republicans to contradict the legal strategy of contesting the electoral result is just one sign that the influence of the 45th president of the United States has not ended with Biden's declaration of victory. With a much more divided Congress than in the Democrats' dreams, a Supreme full of conservative-minded judges and a dynasty that could keep its nickname on future election posters, there is no doubt that Trump can persist even after leaving the White House .
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