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Finance gives three more days for filing IRC statement

The Ministry of Finance will give a three-day “tolerance” for delivery of the IRC Model 22, which ends this Friday, July 31. Taxpayers have thus until this Monday, August 3, to fulfill this declarative obligation that the Left Block had requested to extend until August 31 to the Certified Accountants to comply with the tight deadlines to which they have been subject

PremiumTAP restructuring goes through BCG or McKinsey

TAP is evaluating the proposals of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and McKinsey to hire a consultant who will support the restructuring plan. Ramiro Sequeira is the new interim CEO of the airline.

PremiumDeloitte's audit of Novo Banco only arrives in August

Prime Minister guaranteed that the audit of the management of Novo Banco would be known at the end of this month of July, despite the fact that Deloitte asked for more time. Final report will only be ready in August.

Ramiro Sequeira appointed as interim CEO of TAP

Responsible for the operations of the national carrier, he is appointed as the next interim CEO of TAP. The short-list to replace Antonoaldo Neves as a “transitory solution” also included the name of Valter Fernandes, CEO of Portugália Airlines.

Novo Banco: Resolution Fund may invoke “breach of contract” if asset buyer calls to Lone Star

Banco de Portugal guarantees that Novo Banco “is prevented” from selling assets to entities related to Lone Star. But, he says, if these links were detected, the Resolution Fund could invoke “breach of contract”. And it ensures that in the operations submitted to it by Novo Banco, the Fund acts on the principle of “maximizing the value of assets”.

Government creates extraordinary process for making companies viable

A bill has already been submitted to Parliament that creates an extraordinary temporary procedural mechanism that will prevent the closure of companies in difficult economic situations or insolvency due to the coronavirus pandemic. The measure also aims to help the treasury of companies with the faster distribution by the creditors of the sums owed to them as a result of insolvency lawsuits.
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