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PremiumBrussels and Frankfurt ask for explanations on transfers to Novo Banco

Single Resolution Council and European Central Bank asked the Bank of Portugal for clarification on lead to transfers from the Resolution Fund to the New Bank.

CDS wants to publish a list of fees charged by public entities. And eliminate undue

Centrist deputies presented a bill that aims to identify and publish all fees charged by public entities or concessionaires. Initiative comes after a study that concludes that in Portugal, more than 4.300 fees are charged, of which 2.900 are charged within the scope of the Central Administration. And you want to eliminate fees that do not have a counterpart or service associated.

PremiumOE2021: U-turn avoids reversal effort made by the Government

Voting on the blockade proposal generated controversy but, between advances and setbacks, it ended up being approved.

“The tax burden in Portugal is remarkable”, defends Carlos Lobo

Fiscalist and former Secretary of State for Tax Affairs argues that a company's tax rate "can effectively double and this is something inherent in our own structure that explains a lot the movement in terms of other taxes, fees and special contributions".

EY inspector warns: IVAucher “appears to be involved in technical difficulties of implementation”

In the changes in indirect taxes in OE2021, Amílcar Nunes, Associate Partner of EY highlights “the media figure” of IVAucher, under the pretext of recovering some of the sectors most affected by the pandemic - catering, accommodation and culture. The inspector leaves, however, the warning: “right from the start, this mechanism appears to be involved in technical difficulties of implementation.

OE2021 proposal foresees “few changes” in terms of corporate income tax

“This OE proposal foresees little change in terms of corporate income tax and taxes. In a first analysis, more simplistic, we can even say that it is a positive factor as it promotes the stability and security of the Portuguese tax system ”, says Pedro Fugas, partner of EY.
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