Luís Tavares Bravo, Economist, International Affairs Network

The dangerous side of European money

European leaders must resist electoral budgetary temptations and focus on reorganizing economies, supporting the creation of sustainable jobs in sectors with a future.

Balances, innovations and illusions

The Government's State Budget proposal, being a delicate sum of balances, proves to be a more social and incentive response to domestic consumption, therefore less reformist and entrepreneurial.

Streamline European support with transparency

The speed of implementation of the funds will be essential to overcome the social impact of this crisis. But it is also important that some mistakes of the past are not repeated.

Trump's inevitable downfall?

Presidential debates are often decisive moments, and in 2016, the Republican candidate showed that he was able to monetize them in his favor. In addition, Democrats advocate a greater tax burden in favor of a green agenda, which can alienate the electorate.

The epidemiology of economic recovery

How can we expect a recovery to take place, based firstly on reducing restrictions on mobility and then on the support that comes from the European Union's new responses and incentives? And what to expect for Portugal?

Portugal's opportunity may arise from an imperfect European agreement

The European solution is an innovative architecture that is on the right path to more Europe. But it is also a test of the support model itself.
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