Luisa Anacoreta Correia, Lecturer at Católica Porto Business School

2020: lost by a hundred, lost by a thousand

In these years, what could be the temptation of managers? If the year is lost and it is, if we are going to have such bad results already, then why not show even worse?

Accountability obligations at Covid-19

In many companies, the budgets, projections and estimates made for 2020 fall apart and, for some, a frightening uncertainty is born.

What is missing to internationalize Portuguese universities?

Going international is more than waiting for Erasmus students to come to Portugal, and from time to time, thanks to our wonderful geography.

The role of the Board of Directors in the digital transformation

It is important to ensure full integration between our company's teams and consultants. One day we will live without them.

Will there be perfect non-executive directors?

It is in the analysis of each specific case, in each specific company, that the non-executive director is asked to balance the involvement and the exemption.