Maria Teixeira Alves

Explorer CEO Rodrigo Guimarães dies

Rodrigo Guimarães was 58 years old and was the CEO of Explorer, a private equity fund manager and of the Discovery Fund, which integrated tourism assets that came off the banks' balance sheets. He made a career in the capital markets and was one of the founders of the broker Midas.

PremiumAltice gives up selling the Forecast to IIBG Arabs

The sale of the pension fund manager, which had been agreed in 2019 with the Bahrain group, has been suspended. Thus, a business of about 4 million falls.

Banif's and BES's foreign branches accuse the Government of violating “the constitutional principle of equality”

ALEV (Association of Lesbian Emigrants from Venezuela and South Africa) and ABESD - Association for the Defense of Banking Clients come to speak of "potential violation of the constitutional principle of equality" in reaction to the news that the Government may not guarantee victims of external branches of BES and the injured Banif.

Novo Banco elected the best Portuguese trade finance bank

Trade finance was a sector hit particularly hard by the consequences of the pandemic, “its providers having been forced to respond and adapt to unforeseen challenges”, explains the institution.

Avila Spaces nominated for best coworking in the world at the Global Startup Awards

The Portuguese company Avila Spaces is nominated for the best coworking in the World

Wall Street opens in fall with bank results

In 2020, JP Morgan Chase, the largest banking group in the United States, made a net profit of $ 29.131 million, 20% less than in 2019. In annual terms, the American banking group Citigroup made a net profit in 2020 11,370 million dollars, 41% less than the previous year. Wells Fargo's net profit in 2020 fell 83,1% to $ 3.301 million.
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