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Infographics | Assembly makes Stilwell's new era official at EDP

EDP's shareholders opted for continuity and internal promotion. This Tuesday, Miguel Stilwell de Andrade as CEO for the 2021-2023 triennium will be confirmed at the general meeting, after he has held the position on an interim basis since the suspension of António Mexia in July. The expectation is to execute the strategy launched by the predecessor: greener, more global and growing based on asset rotation.

ACEGE Barometer: Support for TAP and companies affected by the pandemic worry businessmen

Responses from businessmen and associated managers of the January barometer of ACEGE, in a partnership with Jornal Económico, Rádio Renascença and Netsonda, reveal concern about the effects of Covid-19. But there are also signs of optimism regarding the evolution of their companies and the maintenance of jobs.

Infographics | After the storm, the return to growth

The year 2020 marked an abrupt drop in the growth rate of the Portuguese economy, due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, but 2021 should already be a recovery, even if gradual. The projections of the main national and international institutions vary between an expansion of 1,7% and 6,5% for the whole of this year, with different estimates for the various components of the GDP. Consumption and exports are expected to push for the recovery of an economy too penalized by the fall in tourism.

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It was not a year of gains for BCP, neither on the stock exchange nor on the bottom line. On the contrary, stocks have sunk almost 40% and profits have fallen 46% in the first nine months. This did not, however, prevent JE readers from choosing Miguel Maya, the bank's CEO, as manager of the year. See also who won the categories of national and international personality of the year 2020.

Infographics | An international look at 2020

Donald Trump and the pandemic that the still president of the United States called “the plague of China” dominated international news in 2020. But it was also the year when the European Union took even longer to negotiate Brexit than to approve the Fund. Covid-19 Recovery Plan. In which the city of Beirut witnessed an apocalyptic explosion, Islamic fundamentalists killed in northern Mozambique and on a street in France, and in which Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, winner of the US presidential elections, were the other protagonists.

Infographics | A national look at 2020

The state of emergency jumped from the pages of the Constitution into the daily lives of millions of Portuguese forced into confinement, social detachment and curfew to try to halt the progression of the pandemic. Regional elections put an end to 24 years of socialist governance in the Azores, justice removed António Mexia from EDP and accused Ricardo Salgado of the collapse of the Espírito Santo Group, and the State increased its participation in a TAP in need of public money to keep its doors closed.
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