Marisa Silva Monteiro, Coordinating Lawyer at JPAB Finance and Guarantees

Saving or saving, that is the question

It seems inappropriate to talk about savings in the middle of a pandemic crisis, which is already an income crisis for many families, but it is at the most demanding times that the most important decisions are made.

Covid-19 and the future of banks

Families and businesses hope that banks will know how to live up to this social emergency that will leave many without income to honor their bank commitments.

Bank account and payment account

The banks of the future will certainly not be as we know them until now, but few are the fintechs that are already banks, despite being the banks' major competitors.

The bank of the future

Banks are not going to disappear. Before, they will follow the new times and create a business model that combines the trust capital they have with their customers with the speed that fintech offers.

Reverse or reverse mortgage, have you heard?

This mortgage acts as security for the bank's credit, just as it does for the mortgage loan, that is, as a guarantee of payment of the loan amount.

Berardo is not to blame

The law must change and, when that happens, we will have much less bad credit, healthier banks and without needing taxpayer money to save them.
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