Michael Page

The market forecast for 2021

The new coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on our lives. At a professional level everything changed and we had to adapt to this new reality, but what expectations can we have for 2021?

The challenges of new leadership

The pandemic context in which we live has forced companies to adapt their work models overnight. What challenges are facing today's leaders at a time when they are forced to lead remotely?

The evolution of post Covid recruitment

The pandemic of the new coronavirus has transformed our lives in the most diverse areas, mainly at a professional level. Recruitment is one of the situations that leaves the most doubts and can generate some insecurity.

What do companies have to learn from Generation Z?

Generation Z, also called post-millennials, has just entered the job market and is already revolutionizing it.

What will change in the job market?

The world is still trying to understand how it can respond to the new coronavirus pandemic, but the reality is that everything has changed and there are countless challenges that we will have to face, especially in the job market.

The challenges of remote work during the pandemic

A few weeks ago, remote work was still a little present, but everything changed with the new coronavirus pandemic. Companies have been forced to change their routines and take some measures, remote work is one of them.
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