See JE editors Talks: Corporate Restructuring now

The restructuring of a company is often associated with insolvency. Can we say that this is a stigma in Portugal? Find out everything in this JE editors talks.

Watch JE editors Talks: Corporate Restructuring tomorrow

The restructuring process responds to a business sustainability problem. What happens if nothing is done? Find out everything tomorrow at 17h.

Watch JE editors Talks: Fighting Pandemic now

Now see a conversation about adapting the Portuguese business fabric to the challenges imposed by Covid-19.

Today at 17pm watch JE editors Talks: Fighting Pandemic

Don't miss live, starting at 17 pm on Thursday, a conversation about the fight against the pandemic made by Portuguese companies - and what awaits their future in terms of adaptation.

Control your tax responsibilities from a mobile application

In this last phase of lack of definition, Moneris invests in digital, providing a new App that will help entrepreneurs and managers in their tax planning and management, with the most relevant features and information for decision making.

JE editors Talks: Special fight against the pandemic

On June 4 at 17 pm, we are waiting for you to talk about the effects of the pandemic on the Portuguese business fabric, with regard to changes in terms of strategy and business model.
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