Nuno Cintra Torres, University Professor

Call Professor Porter, now! And they even called

Five months after my suggestion, the Council of Ministers decided to update the Porter Report on the Grand Options of the Plan, a document approved last week by the Executive.

My strategic plan: Portugal's raison d'être

Portugal precisa de reformar aspetos da cultura social, promovendo a autonomia pessoal e educando as chamadas elites. Tal como deve promover a felicidade dos portugueses juntando-nos à média do PIB europeu.

Physicality is the quintessence of museums

Museums offer experiences that work at different cognitive and sensory levels. With the pandemic, some fear that the online museum will replace the physical visit to the museum and the on-site enjoyment of its space and collection.

Saving fear, murderous fear?

The spirit of the flock is remarkable among the Portuguese. Now the panic has passed from the flock to the shepherds. Get out of the house. Buy it, you terrified ones. Do not destroy the economy.

Liberal Social Alternative

As we all know, unfortunately, today there is no organized political opposition. The political center-right does not exist.

Fanatics Against Freedom

The gathering in the AR will be seen by many as an attack on the ideal of Freedom, revealing contempt for citizens who stay at home, who feel they are prisoners, law-abiding.
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