Nuno Miguel Silva

The Court of Auditors' prior visa to the CP public service contract leaves alerts

Pedro Nuno Santos considers that the previous visa given to the contract is “a great victory” for the national railway carrier and for the sector.

Variable income regime will have “brutal impact” on the sector, warns Association of Shopping Centers

APCC warns that bankruptcy may be the consequence of legislative changes approved today in the Assembly of the Republic.

IP Telecom will manage the process of the new submarine cables for the Autonomous Regions

Authorization for the deal has already been given by the Ministry of Finance and the matter is expected to go to the Council of Ministers in the coming weeks.

Government prepares creation of internet social tariff

This measure should benefit the most economically disadvantaged sections of the population, as is already the case with the social electricity tariff.

Montijo Airport is stopped. Government admits 'blockade'

Almost six months after the 'green light' given by the APA - Portuguese Environment Agency to the project, the development of the new complementary airport in Lisbon did not advance a millimeter, awaiting favorable opinions from the municipalities of Seixal and Moita.

Minister of Infrastructure admits that "there will be many difficulties" with trains in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area

Pedro Nuno Santos believes that it is impossible to maintain the rule of social distance of two meters inside the trains and spoke out against the imposition of capacity for this means of transport.
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