Nuno Miguel Silva

Public works contests promoted in Portugal rose 20% by the end of August

The latest edition of the sector barometer prepared by AICCOPN reveals that public works tenders promoted in Portugal in the first eight months of this year reached 3.422 million euros.

Agriculture Confederations against withdrawal of DGAV skills

Confagri and FPAS reject any withdrawal of powers from the Ministry of Agriculture. CAP had previously spoken out against this Government intention.

Servilusa invests 1,13 million in new crematorium in Faro

Servilusa's new crematorium has a concession for 30 years, was built in 11 months, and is installed in a 390 square meter building.

European Research and Innovation Days award Portuguese entrepreneur and project

The European Research and Innovation Days decided to award a prize to a Portuguese entrepreneur, Maria Fátima Lucas, and to a national project, 'Invisible'. “Today [September 23], during the European Research and Innovation Days, which this year are entirely online, the European Commission has announced the winners of two awards. Maria […]

Port of Sines integrates the largest Iberian event on natural gas

According to those in charge of the Alentejo port, this congress "aims to discuss topics related to natural gas and renewable gases, seeking to find answers to the current challenges in the transport sector".

Continente launches aluminum coffee capsules to reduce carbon footprint

This option is justified by the better preservation of aromas, a greater creaminess and a greater resistance to heat, not allowing the transfer of oxygen and keeping pressurized, in addition to allowing a significant reduction of the carbon footprint in relation to plastic capsules.
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