Paulo Gonçalves Marcos, President of the direction of the National Union of Banking Staff and Technicians

From moratoriums to bank redundancies

We have to go beyond the guidelines of the European Banking Authority and provide a state guarantee for default. As it stands, we will once again have a potential systemic risk to the financial sector.

Long days have harassment

Companies are responsible for providing training, qualification and certification so that line and human resource managers are able to promptly detect, prevent and act on toxic behaviors.

Bankers and reforms

Recently the news of the reduction in the retirement pension of a former banker, an innovative founder and emeritus of a relevant bank in the Portuguese financial system, was made public.

Tie the knot, strengthen ties

I would like to highlight the efforts of the Fundação Social Bancária, which, in the current year and living up to the redoubled solidarity effort that has been required, has had an even more acute presence of support to regional and local IPSS.

The primacy of will in 2021

If anything, this long negotiating process has shown, it is that regardless of economic, health or political conditions, to reach an Agreement, a will that is not constrained by fear is a necessary and sufficient condition.

Associação Mutualista Montepio: modesty and restraint

there are those who want to touch the ground and count possible shotguns in future battles, but that is not the common interest and, I say without hesitation, the national interest.
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