Pedro Lino, Economist

Inequality of indices

The indices should, by default, be representative of the economy, serve as a reference for investors and as a barometer of the economy for economists and politicians, everything that does not happen today.

Prepare 2021

The main reason that will continue to support markets in 2021 is the decision of central banks to intervene in a coordinated manner and to support the expansionary fiscal policy of governments, without limits.

The ECB and TAP

The biggest consequence of current monetary policy is the lack of accountability of politicians and the way money is managed and spent, while society is distracted by fighting the pandemic.

Folk OE

The type of policy that is being practiced, blind and short-term, will have consequences for the potential growth of the Portuguese economy and the ability to attract value added companies.

Confined market

Much of the euphoria of the markets derives from changes in strategies led by algorithms, programmed to move money from one company to another or between sectors, without taking into account the price factor.

Expired budget

The State Budget must be an instrument that complements the performance of the ECB, and encourage the use of the capital market by both companies and families.
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