Pedro Lino, Economist

The Dutch were right

Politics has become a real marshy theater, where fiction and reality are mixed in such a way that it is no longer possible to avoid the failure of this system.

Not even 58 billion!

The advantage of the Dutch tax system lies in stability. It only exists because other countries are more concerned with collecting taxes, taxing anything that starts to make a profit.

The White Elephants

These last two decades have been marked by the resounding rise in the official and unofficial public debt, that is, the debt that is still coming.

Financial insanity

The real economy will lag behind, at least in terms of financial appreciation, supported by monetary policy, which leaves small companies at the mercy of bank debt.

Free lunches? There is not

We have governments all over the world announcing grants, non-repayable grants, zero-cost loans, that is, issuing more debt in a society that can no longer pay its current debt.

The shock

It is not possible to resume the levels of economic activity without the vaccination of the world population, due to tourism, the exchange system and globalization. The eurozone's response cannot remain timid.
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