Pedro Miguel Cardoso, Researcher

Feed people, not profit

Climate change and other problems may, in the coming decades, spread hunger even further. Systemic changes are needed to transform the current food paradigm.

A future for mental health

Mental problems are not just individual problems, they are community problems. A new dialogue is urgent between Psychology and social sciences disciplines such as Economics and Politics.


Even with economic growth, workers are impoverished. The distribution of national income is likely to continue in its worsening trend in favor of capital over labor.

Climate Negotiation

Waiting for technological miracles is not the most realistic and cautious posture. This is a challenge that requires solidarity, cooperation and collective responses.

What is social democracy?

Social democracy, despite continuing to have popular support in several countries, was defeated with a “bear hug” by capitalism. Instead of transforming capitalism, it was transformed by it.

The power of the agenda (s)

An informed and enlightened citizenship cannot be based only on news consumerism. It is necessary to look for alternative sources, to compare versions and narratives, to listen and read different opinions, to reflect.
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