Raul de Almeida, Politologist

With your back to the People

In democracy, it is not the people's fault, it is those who do not know how to interpret their will, revealing that they are not up to their trust.

It's full, villainy!

In view of the millions of Brussels, the PS de Costa quickly adapted and prepared for what may come, do not run the risk of spending money well spent.

The hate

For many, the rational, structured and responsible response from the right of the system was not making concrete gains; we had to scream a lot and very loudly. Ventura appeared willing to do anything, in exchange for support and total loyalty.


This Francisco, our Francisco, the golden boy of the Parents, would have had 19 well-filled years, full of meaning, if he had only been the attentive, delicate and dedicated young man, the brilliant and responsible student we know.

"An American prayer"

America and the world, in particular Europe, desperately need a return to normality, a stable and predictable world order, a clear distinction between democrats and dictators.

Santo Tirso e Reguengos

In a highly materialistic consumer society, we live poorly outside the standards imposed by the majority and live particularly badly with the idea of ​​aging.
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