Raul de Almeida, Politologist

Caring for Democracy

None of the three democratic parties at the foundation of the regime can mimic and overlap, under penalty of swamp, the discrediting of themselves and the regime itself.

Hope in humanity

I apologize, but for those who have always believed in human capitalism, I am comforted by the attitude of the 83 billionaires who want a new tax on their wealth.

Freedom and example

The State must be responsible, pedagogical and effective. It must contradict where the common interest justifies it, it must refrain from following the easiest current.

Hate is not the medicine

As in other areas of progress, only more education, more humanism and more culture can lead to more justice and equity. The legal basis is in the Constitution, there is a lack of mentality.


The American system of strict recognition of merit and ability to work, easily exchanges color for money, allowing, and thankfully, the rapid rise of the exceptional, regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation. But, can the possibility of the rise of the exceptionals mask the general situation in the country? Of course not.

Who do we really want to be?

A mass instrumentalized in the exploration of the most basic instincts? Or an immense civilization of free, thinking and responsible men?
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